Go therefore and make disciples...

The Vision

The vision is to raise up a nation, to cultivate a church that will obey, to nurture a church firmly established and grounded in the Word of God, and to develop a people knowing the Power that God has invested in the church through the Word and by His Spirit.

TEACHING – A training center for adults and youth; teaching believers the unadulterated Gospel and how to walk in the authority that we possess over the darkness of this world.

DELIVERANCE – Being made free to ultimately enhance the freedom of someone else.

REACHING OUT – An outreach ministry, extending out to our community and abroad to those that are bruised, captive, the elderly, those incarcerated, hospitalized, etc.

EVANGELIZING – Spreading the Gospel throughout our community and abroad; reaching out to those that are lost; coming out of the confinement of the assembly so others can experience the reality of Jesus Christ.

FAMILY VALUES – A church that teaches that the family is valuable to God.  We must keep our families strong, both spiritually and morally.

PIONEERING/BIRTH-OUT – Some plant, some water, but God must give the increase.  Allowing God to train and birth out, not just churches, but strong ministries as God minister to the Body of Christ.

PROMOTING JESUS – Never promoting a church or a denomination; but, promoting Jesus Christ who is the source of growth throughout the church body both spiritually and naturally.

FREEDOM – Tearing down traditional walls, uprooting denominational barriers and dispelling racial and spiritual prejudices.  Engaging in a body that is not a dictatorship, but a totally free spiritual environment in which we all live together in harmony.

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